Frozen, our review

Do you want to build a showman… Have you seen Frozen? If you have, then you know exactly what this is all about! The boys and I have been singing the soundtrack over and over for weeks now! Well one of my boys and I really, the other one thinks he is too cool to sing in front of Mummy so he prefers to hide and sing anyway.




Just a week ago I felt that we were the only family left on this earth who hadn’t seen Frozen. And then pop in my inbox an invitation to attend an exclusive screening of the singalong version in a swanky hotel of Soho, followed by a Q&A with the Co-Writers and Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Bucks.
This was perfect timing, with E’s birthday the following day and C off for the day we decided to make it a big day out in the big smoke.

And it was following a game of UNO in the train, a visit to the Science Museum and a lunch at Pizza Express that we arrived at the hotel to enjoy some yummy cupcakes and a good chat with my lovely blogging friends, Lizzie of Mummy in Manolos (by the way you HAVE to check her review, Lizzie is an amazing illustrator and you have to see her illustration of Elsa) and Jacqui of Mummy’s Little Monkey.

Frozen is love story but between two sisters. Forget Prince Charming who saves the princess, these two strong female characters are in charge. And they are complex and fascinating characters.

You can’t help but love both of them. Anna is sweet, strong, funny, full of patience and tolerance for a sister who rejects her. Elsa is tormented, fragile, builds a protective ice tower around her. She wants to love and be loved but she is scared to give into these feelings and by doing so harm, the ones around her and especially her sister.

I am not sure what makes Frozen so special but it is, and I believe it is because of these two strong female characters.

Can I recommend you and everyone else to see it? YES! absolutely yes. You can purchase your copy of Frozen following this link.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London


Last Wednesday we braved the storm and the Tube strike to go and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London. I love this theatre, it has something very intimate and it is fully charged with history. The last time we were there was to watch a performance of Shrek, but it was without the boys.

This time we took them with us. Their first West End show…

I was so excited about it, it was unbearable! I couldn’t wait to see their faces and hear their reactions…

The fact is that they were happy and excited but considerably less than me. Until they took a glimpse of the Oompa Loompas on a picture by the theatre entrance. The mood uplifted greatly and was set there and then. They now couldn’t wait either.

We sat comfortably and let the show begin!

As expected it was amazing. The whole cast was excellent, Charlie, Willy Wonka, Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt… and the Oompa Loompas were all totally brilliant…!



There is really two parts to the show: the before the break and the after the break.

Before the break it is all about setting the scene but unfortunately this is quite a slow process. E was mesmerised from start to finish but V got bored and ready to go home by the end of the first part… I was so worried it wasn’t going to be a good memory for him, but it all changed in the second part.

After the break it took off with a bang: splashes of colours, lively songs, fast paced story and the OOMPA LOOMPAS!!! As you guessed we liked the Oompa Loompas very much.



The second part totally made up for the slow start and I would definitely recommend the show as a family show however I have reservation for children under 7.

Disclaimer: we were offered 3 tickets out of 4 to watch the show



And now he is 7…

E turned 7 years old yesterday and I sometime look at him and feel I don’t know him anymore. Yet we are so alike. We are both independent, sometime short tempered, stubborn and grumpy.

We withdraw within ourselves when we are sad, tired or not in a good mood…

7th Bday Cake

But what I admire most about my child, my baby, is his ability to take on a challenge and try his best at whatever he does. He will spend hours perfecting what he has decided to do whether it is building a cardboard house, writing a few lines for school, swimming or learning to skateboard.

He dedicates himself to the task and won’t let anyone or anything distract him. I wish I had a bit of that because this has surely nothing to do with me.

He loves school and learning. He is such a hard worker.

E 7th Birthday

He has the best sense of humour and he is caring and generous. He is a brilliant big brother always supportive and aware of what others feel.

He doesn’t like cuddles or kisses but if I insist he will give me a quick hug. If sometimes he allows me to hold him a little longer and a little tighter it is because that’s what he wants. He is in charge.

I am so proud of him and I hope he knows it, as well as how much I love him…

Silent Sunday


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Traveling the UK this Easter

January has its way of making us feel all doom and gloom with a shrunk bank account, a larger waist size and a damaged liver. So aside of planning how to refill the bank account, shrink the waist size and nurse the liver, planning holiday breaks has this power to rejoice the mood, don’t you think?

I have recently announced a decision in the house: we are going to travel the UK at least once a year! Of course this came as a little bit of a shock to my British husband, who can’t wait to do what most Brits love doing on holiday: escape the UK.


But why? I know the weather is unreliable and the cost of traveling in the UK often mounts to as much as traveling abroad BUT have you looked at your country recently? It has some of the most beautiful scenery and it is full of history and hidden treasures.


Being French I am used to staying in the same country on holidays. The French travel in France. After all have we not got the most beautiful country in the World?! This is the reason why they constantly ask me when are you coming back? and why are you still living in the UK?! That’s shocking to them.

Anyway I am thinking Easter Break and I was wondering where to head. There are so many places I want to go to I don’t know where to start. Of course in a minute I will have to stop procrastinating and go back to work but in the meantime I am going to go and spend some very useful time on Pinterest and locate our future destination!

I am already feeling a lot lighter, let’s find some chocolate!




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Fill up the stockings and get crafty with Marks & Spencer goodies

Last week the boys were sent a selection of M&S Christmas crafting kits and gifts, to their utmost delight.


What I loved about them is the quality of the products but also the very lovely design.

Our favourites out of the pack are

The Christmas Decorations that they both painted one side each. I love the fact that I will be able to put them on the tree every year from now on.


We loved the card games too. They are perfect stocking fillers and the design on the cards is beautiful.


The puzzle with the same design as the cards is also very nice.


And there was the lantern garland which was supposed to look like this


but ended up like that…



That’s what happens when you leave a dad in charge of the craft activity with two eager boys….

Find out more about these products at Marks & Spencer’s website. Each of the products mentioned above are £5 and under.

Disclaimer: We were sent the products for the purpose of this review.

The Snow Gorilla at the Rose Theatre, Kingston-upon-Thames

The Snow Gorilla, Kingston upon ThamesYesterday night we attended the press night of the Snow Gorilla. We live locally but it was the first time we went to the Rose Theatre in Kingston-upon-Thames and it is the perfect venue for a show like this one.

This was magical and the kids left with with stars in their eyes.

The story retraces the life of a circus struggling to survive but refusing to give up, meeting a young orphan Sunny who soon becomes the saviour of the circus family.

Everything is there: the circus acts that are breathtaking, Flamenco dancers that got a whole audience totally mesmerised, beautiful songs that left me crying (I am easy on that front), great acting and a gorilla that got the moves!

Everyone from the youngest to the oldest left uplifted and with a huge smile on their faces. I often complain about how a British crowd is hard to please. I find them too often clapping and cheering inside, but not that crowd.

Find out more info about it and book tickets here The Snow Gorilla and go and enjoy a truly beautiful family show!

Disclosure: We attended the show as guests.


Silent Sunday


And so the eye patching journey begins…

I have written before about my children and their weak eyes and today we have received the confirmation V needs eye patching. At the end of today’s appointment we were sent home with 60 patches, funky charts and the dread to have to argue with him to make him keep it on.

He hates having his good-ish eye covered and so I thought we would have a major struggle to make him have a patch for a few hours a day. Every day. For the next 8 weeks…
Today is the first day and so far he has been extremely good, no complains or attempts to take it off.

The painful bit has been to argue with E who thinks the peak of unfairness is NOT having an eye patch as well. Life is so cruel kiddo, trust me, I know…


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Happy Halloween!

I love that this year Halloween is during half term. It seems we have been celebrating all week with spooky cupcakes, picking our two pumpkins from a beautiful pumpkin patch and of course a carving contest between C and I…

The kids started as helpers but soon deserted us, leaving two competitive individuals in the same room.

So I tried to get him drunk, but not too drunk, you know sharp tools and alcohol…

He chose a Bat and I chose Frankenstein. You will agree that one requires more labour than the other and that taking this into consideration I should be the winner, right?