Which commenting system do you use or prefer?

Lately I have been looking into changing the commenting system on this blog.

Like a lot of bloggers, I have Disqus. The reason I want to change is not really because I am experiencing challenges in particular but because I am this kind of person, I need a change. I have never bought the same mascara twice for example,  I always have the compulsive need to try the “latest” one.

It is the same with technology, always on the look out for the new thing. At the moment the new thing seems to be Facebook and I like the idea.

With Facebook Comments you have the possibility to bring more exposure to your blog if every reader post their comment to their blog.  The question is would they do this? Would that put them off rather than encourage them to comment?

Could I possibly keep 2 commenting systems?

So anyway I decided to research what is available at the moment and which seem to be the most popular commenting systems available.

So far 4 stood out:

The criteria I am looking for in a commenting system as a blogger are:

  • Simplicity and efficiency
  • Good anti-spam abilities
  • A system that facilitates conversations and that notify the commenter when a reply is posted to his/her comment, so that he/she doesn’t necessarily have to come back to the blog to check if someone replied.

As a commenter I like it to be straightforward, not lot of logging in, etc and I like to be notified if a reply to my comment has been made.

I personally don’t mind if I have to login with a social network ID like Facebook or Twitter, do you?

Which of the following is your favourite commenting system?

Can you explain why in the comment section? Also do you think I am over looking important criteria in my quest to the best commenting system? Should I simply use my original WP comments?

Thank you!

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