Big Energy Week

Do you take your energy consumption for granted? I certainly did. Actually I am grateful that at least one of us was feeling concerned about it until now.

As a general rule I am certainly aware of energy saving, but to be honest until participating to the Energy Saving Survey that Southern Electric has put together, my main concern was more about switching off lights you are not using or even replacing our light bulbs with energy saving ones.

Well the results of our survey is that our rating is currently a D! I really thought we were doing good but all we would need to improve it is to insulate our walls and loft. Doing this could save us £142 a year and we can request more information about grants available to help pay for the work done.

Here are a few tips also offered with the results that I want to share with you:

  1. Ensure that your room thermostat is set at the right temperature. The ideal temperature is 18 – 21 degrees, depending on the household. Regularly check it to make sure it has not been changed.
  2. Make sure you regularly check the heating pattern of your heating programmer to ensure that it stays in line with the current occupancy of the house. Make sure the programmer does not accidentally get set to, or left on CONSTANT by mistake. If there is a power outage, check your programmer has not lost its schedule or the clock changed.
  3. When replacing household appliances think about buying A-rated goods as these will use less power saving you money and helping the environment.
  4. An old boiler can be inefficient and cost you too much money. Replacing your boiler with a new A-rated model could save you over £200 a year.

This week is Big Energy Week and Southern Electric is working with Citizens Advice, charities, consumer groups, switching sites, Ofgem and the Government to give practical advice to people across the country to help them spend less on heating and powering their home.

SSE has a number of key initiatives to help save money on energy bills as well as helping the environment:

  • Southern Electric’s iPlan tariff is designed to help you save on your day-to-day energy expenses, with a free smart energy kit – which includes an energy usage display screen that can be linked to an online account to help you plan your energy use to suit you, and track how much money you save.
  • There’s also an Energy Efficiency Survey, which gives your home an energy efficiency rating and provides tips on any improvements that could be made.
  • Finally, Southern Electric has some handy energy-saving tips – did you know that your TV, DVD and Hi-Fi use energy when not in use? Up to 90% in standby mode!

It’s a brilliant way to find out where you could be saving costs and helping the environment at the same time, no harm in trying out the tips to see just how much money you can save!

Make sure you visit the energy saving tips page for more tips on saving energy and visit the iPlan Tariff page to help you save on a day to day basis.

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