Am I losing my way?

What do you do when your drive hits rock bottom? When all the professional projects you have been building for over 4 years just don’t feel the same anymore? When you don’t get the same yearning feeling to make it a success?

I am not sure what the hell is going on. All I know is that for nearly 8 weeks I have been struggling between my head telling me that I need to get back on track and my heart saying why the hell are you clinging onto to it all?!
I feel I lost my way a little but the heart of what I do is still where I thrive.
I feel like I am drowning and don’t know which branch I should grab to be rescued.

There is a huge battle between ambition and pride and self protection instinct. Something I cannot clearly recognise is pushing me to slow down, to get back in touch with what really matters. But my pride is pushing me to keep going and “show them!”.

What I personally need right now is pressure release…  I want to wake up in the morning without the feeling I need to deliver in every way.

The hardest bit about running a business on your own is that you are on your own. Noone else is here to share the load with you. I am extremely lucky to have a tight network of lovely business people who believe in me and help me through it, but I am not sure why it all seems to be so hard at the moment.

What do you do when you reach that plateau?


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