The things I have learned during the Diamond Jubilee weekend

This post was going to be live in a much more timely manner, but unfortunately half term, the boys getting over tonsillitis and then it was my turn, so here you go a very delayed Jubilee post… oops…

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1- My boys can walk

Meaning they can walk miles and not complain about it.
Saturday morning I got the urge to get a slice of London during this exciting time that was the Diamond Jubilee. I wanted to be drowned in the spirit, Union Jacks flying over our heads, and a view of Buckingham Palace.

In reality what we got was a sea of tourists, too keen to respect children in their way, no view of Buckingham, because (dammit how did I forget!) there was an entire stage and its sitting area blocking the view, plus I got a bout of hay fever in St James Park and the Mall (even though I am not a Hay Fever sufferer).

We loved it no matter what, we walked and walked, we had lunch and walked some more. No buggies, really, no buggies and that was so cool… OK I did complain on a couple of occasion that we didn’t have the damn buggy… Especially when the tourists insisted on stepping over my children or the said children decided to run forever in the most crowded areas. But that was fine, we brought them home safe and very tired. A real parents’ dream who want to have an early evening to themselves.

2- Street Parties are the best thing ever

This was my first street party and I loved every minute of it.

Ok it wasn’t my street, so I got to meet people who are not my neighbours, but next time we visit our friends (the ones who live on that street) we’ll happily say hello to their neighbours, somehow feeling at home.

The spirit was great and you know, one thing makes me really fond of the British nation, is that not even heavy raindrops will stop a good Fiddle concert. As for me and my French friend we were quite happy watching from her windows by then, cheering with all our heart.

3- Taking the bus on a rainy bank holiday sucks!

The original idea was good. Really good in fact.
We were taking the bus to
a – Entertain the kids. They have rarely been on a double decker bus so that’s the coolest thing ever.
b – Solve the problem of parking the car. We assumed that if everyone who lived on the street where the party was, parked in the neighbouring streets that would leave no space for us.
c – Allow both parents to drink Pimms without so much moderation (as long as we remained sober enough to recognise our own children in the street that would be OK)

The reality turned out not so good.
The bus was late. Of course it was. Buses are always late! So not only we got wet while waiting 30 min, with in the background resounding “when is the bus coming?” “why is it late?” “V/E stop pushing/kicking/hitting me!!” “Mum, can you make the bus come now??”… HELL.ON.EARTH

Then we managed to sit right behind a lovely, yet very very annoying kid, whose mum was busy painting her nails while her son was poking mine and getting them to repeat obscene stuff such as “your mum is a poo-poo bum” or “I smell like poop”. Pretty disgraceful stuff. The boys being boys, were more than delighted to repeat any sentence, especially if it contained the word “poop” in it.

Of course we had to sit through another 30 min of waiting for the bus heading back home, thank goodness with the right kids (we controlled the Pimms intake beautifully) but through more rain.

4- I am living with two competitive boys (the third one probably waiting to discover the spirit)…

That’s my husband and E.
Give them a competition to build the best crown, an egg and spoon or sack race, hidden stuff to find to win a chocolate bar and OH.MY.GOD they are in it! But in it, to WIN IT!

So they won the crown competition, probably due to the fact that Craig spent a good couple of days planning the process, drafting the crown, purchasing material and cutting awkward shapes (that he gave up on and handed for me to do). The sticking of feathers and precious gems was left to the boys, under Craig’s supervision of course.

E then went on to win egg and spoon race, sack race and got second for another race (pardon me for forgetting what it was, by then I started to yawn). He came running to me to announce “Mummy, I WON SECOND!!” so I suppose all that counts is winning…

I have loved every minutes this 4 day weekend. It was full of fun and noone throws a party like the Queen, so my last words will be

God Saves the Queen!!