Zoe Bestel

Every now and then someone catches your attention. It is almost inexplicable. For me, music has this way to trigger emotions that are sometime so intense I have to cry. I have cried at the opening song of this year’s pantomime just because I liked the song…

A while ago I discovered on Facebook via her mum’s page Zoe Bestel. I didn’t cry but I sat, mesmerised by this young yet so mature artist, who writes her own songs and plays the ukulele amazingly. I would sell one of my sons for the promise to play this well over night (unfortunately I am short on time to practice and I know it will hurt my fingers). By the way, right now and for the record, I know which one of my sons I am selling*.

Please go and check her website and listen to her song 35 Missed Calls

*As requested by my husband, I need to make sure everyone knows this is actually a joke and that no sons will be sold for the love of music, of course.