4 years old today

Dear Victor,

Today you are 4, a big, flamboyant FOUR.

Last week was quite a sad week for us all. We had to say good bye to Nala, our amazing dog and that was a painful few days so we were waiting for a weekend filled with fun and all about you.

It is crazy to think that you are ALREADY four, but you, you are loving it. You counted all the years on your fingers and decided that 4 was “so cool!“.

You are fascinating to watch and listen to. Your imagination is filled with amazing stories that you make up at the drop of the hat. Given the opportunity to watch yourself in the mirror while telling stories and that’s heaven for you. I love how your imagination works, I love that when asked what you wanted for your birthday “a backpack that turns into a flying machine” was your answer.

The other day you were telling me you have three schools: one is your preschool, one is your big school (you had a few settling in sessions already) and the third one was “an electric school, full of electric teachers“.

I don’t quite know what feeds your imagination most of the time, and sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what has inspired such a magical world.

You love books and pretty much every night, you empty your bookshelf and fall asleep holding a couple of books while resting your head on others. Given the chance you would spend your day listening to stories.

You are full of mischief and kindness. Your are our little sunshine that curls up into bed every morning between your dad and me, and the best way to start the day.

We love you Victor and always will…

Maman and Papa