Closing chapters and moving on…

A week ago tomorrow the boys were finishing school for the Summer and it also coincided with Summer starting in the UK. Real summer with the sun and the heat.

Since then we have spent many hours in the playground, we have been practicing reading and keywords, we have had fun with friends and there is so much more to look forward to.

I can’t believe that Elliott has already gone through a whole year in school.
These two photos were taken on the first and last day at school. It amazes me how much bigger he looks.


The little boy who started last September has morphed into a confident boy who enjoys having long conversations, writing and playing on a computer. He has grown in so many ways but mostly has become so much more mature. He is my wise, sometime too grown up boy for his age.

Victor is so excited about starting big school next September that he could burst! He wants to learn, he wants to read and write. He wants to be like his big brother and he is ready for it.
He has outgrown his pre-school by now and I know he will thrive in Reception.


My life in September is going to change. A lot.
I will have more time for me and to think about me. I some ways I find it exciting but in others it scares me how quickly time goes. This is the end of my boys being my babies. We are moving on another step and closing a big chapter of our lives.
We are living our life the way it is supposed to be…