She was more than just a dog

Two weeks ago today we had to say goodbye to our beautiful dog, Nala, and along with her to a chapter of our life together with Craig.

We always knew that we would find this a difficult thing to do. When we would come to it. But it wasn’t supposed to be so early, it wasn’t supposed to be now. She wasn’t even 8 yet.

She was looking older lately but nothing was showing signs that she wasn’t well and then suddenly she fell ill. After two weeks of antibiotics, blood tests and scans we discovered that she was very ill. There was nothing left to be done, other than showing her how much we cared and loved her by ending her life to spare her anymore suffering.

It was a very emotional moment. We decided to allow Elliott to come with us to her last check up. At this stage we still didn’t have a definite diagnosis but I knew. It is funny sometime how your instinct guesses things that your mind is still not accepting. I knew that there was a big chance we would not return home with her that evening.

We made the decision, Elliott and I gave her the biggest hug, words of love and said goodbye. Craig stayed with her until the end, until her heart stopped beating and she was lifted away from us to a much better place. I took Elliott to the car and we cried together, waiting for Craig to come back with only her collar and lead.

She was more than just a dog. She was a piece of our family unit. She was my companion during the day and our feet warmer in the evening when she would lie across the floor resting her back against us.

A very well behaved dog, she would go crazy over the smell of a Chinese takeaway and would very often forget her good manners.

Everyone who knew her or met her would fall under her charm.

We miss her a lot and the boys do too. Victor is finding it more difficult to understand that she is gone and won’t come back but they are learning.

So yes she was a dog but to us she was much more than this. We are grateful that she chose us as her family and we hope to have given her a good, happy life at least as much as she gave us.

As for the vet who looked after her, we couldn’t have asked for anyone better. He put his heart into her case and tried his best to figure out how we could save her. We couldn’t but we will never doubt that she had the best care possible and the decision we made was the only one we could make.

Bye bye Nala, enjoy doggy heaven…