The magic suitcase

Last Saturday we visited Craig’s Grand Mother. She is amazing and at 91 and after having fought many battles in her life she always finds a smile and sense of humour for us.
On our last visit Victor decided to bring toys in a suitcase and that’s a lot of toys we are talking about.

The minute he walked in her room he laughed and hugged her. Elliott was a bit more reserved but I can understand it. He doesn’t see her very often and he is quite shy around people he doesn’t know, at least to begin with. But that is not Victor.

Victor will straight away say hello and introduce himself. He will get into a conversation without any difficulties and will keep it going.

Within minutes the content of the suitcase was on the floor and the toys were brought one by one to Nana who inspected them with great interest. It was beautiful to watch these two generations extreme from each other being so close together.