Back to School: Labelling Day

We are nearly there. In less than 24 hours one of my beloved children from hell will be going back to school. Summer has gone in a flash but the last 4 days have dragged like never.

To get in the mood:

  • I have washed and ironed all their school clothes (the only time of the year I actually iron clothes).
  • I have survived the traditional trip to the shoe shop which nearly had the best of my mind and sanity.
  • We have cut the Surfer Dude hair to give them both a more Good Boy look.
  • I have even started to plan what I am going to do with the extra hours I am going to get.

As part of the preparation, today I have spent 3 hours labelling two sets of school uniform and PE Kit.

A couple of weeks ago Brother sent us a really clever little machine to label everything and anything and today it has shown that it is brilliant! It is the P-Touch 1080 which will label anything from the lunchbox to the PE shoes and clothes. It is very easy and straightforward to use and create labels.

I simply love it and I even might start to label all the things that I want the children to keep their hands off!

The investment is under £20 for the machine and the tapes retail around £12 and maybe less with a little shopping around.