Victor’s first day at BIG school

Dear Victor,

Today is your first day at school. Big school.


We have dropped you off and watched you walk with eagerness and excitment into your new classroom and I am slightly relieved that you haven’t hugged your teacher screaming in her ear “TEACHER!!” like you have been doing the last couple of time we saw her.

If I could bottle up the fizz that’s going inside you just because you are GOING TO SCHOOL I would make sure I serve you some when in a few years time, no doubt, you will give me some “dooon’t want to gooo to schooool today…”.

I am your mum, I am used to your exuberance and I love it. I just hope no one will ever remove this skill away from you by knocking your confidence.

School is a big thing for you and if I am being honest even I am surprised by how much this means to you.

This morning resembled a Christmas morning here. You came in our room at 5.50 am jumping up and down, chanting “I am going to school today!!“. Your patience has been amazing in the last week. It has been a real teaser for you to take your brother every day to school when you couldn’t stay but so desperately wanted to…

And now here we are. On a new road, a new adventure. One that will shape you, imprint memories; some good, some great and some not that good but let’s hope these will be far and few.

Watching you walk into your classroom with that oversized PE bag hanging down of you was a painful moment for me. You are my last baby and you are growing…

My darling, I can not tell you exactly how proud I am and how you amaze me. You will thrive on your new journey and your dad and I will watch, support and accompany you the best way we can.

Have fun for many years to come.

I love you,

Maman xxx