I sometime look at the two of them and feel that I couldn’t love them more than I do now or I would probably burst. Yet every time we take a new corner and I see them growing up, it seems that the amount of love and pride I have for them grows with the same measure.

Watching them together makes me the happiest mum I could ever be. They make up worlds that belong only to the two of them, they fight for their place in the pack but never hold a grudge against each other. They laugh, wrestle, whisper stories to each others from their beds in the morning, when they think that we are still asleep and won’t hear a word they say.

Soon they will be moved into separate rooms and they are looking forward to having their own space but I can feel that they are also uneasy about it.

They couldn’t be more different in temperament, but they totally complete and balance each others personality.

I am so happy they have a small age gap as it makes them best of friends and offers them a closeness that these 16 months apart allow them to have.

I am bursting with love every time I think of them and I know that this will never ever change.