Our thoughts on Disney Princess: My Fairytale adventure (Nintendo Wii)

When we were asked to review Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure, a game for the Nintendo Wii I didn’t think twice and said “yes”.

Exactly. Hello. Two boys? Who like action and everything if it’s not pink. Especially not pink.

When the game arrived in the post, just as I opened the envelope and caught a glimpse of Belle, Cinderella and their best friends, I thought “uh uh…”

The game is an adventure lead by famous Disney princesses. Each one takes you into their own universe and the player must complete games to move on into the whole adventure. Not only that but the player can also customise the avatar, redecorate rooms and other alongside fun.

So when I picked up the boys and announced cheerfully “hey guys, guess what, we’ve got a new game to review” they let their joy explode. They asked what it was. I told them…
E let out a “eeeewwwe that’s for guuurls!!!”
V was over the moon. High five!

When we got home E decided to try it anyway. You know just for the progress, science and all that.

Well I am happy to report they both love it. They really enjoy the challenges and resolving enigmas.

As for me, what I Iike best, is that they can play it without much intervention from me and when they require it, I can do it! The girl with no coordination skills whatsoever when it comes to translating action on a screen using some control thingy.
But mainly I know that it is safe and age appropriate.

And it brings a touch of girliness in our home which I quite enjoy actually.

This game is rated 3yo and it is well suited in a home with
mixed gender siblings as everyone will find something to suit them. We all like it

Disclosure: we were sent a sample to review.

Amendment: since writing the review the boys have completed the game. It was finished in no time at all which is a little disappointing as they are now no longer interested in the game