Month by month – Nov 2012

Will I be able to stick to writing this every month, I am not sure. History has proved I am not really good at this so with the best intention here I am.


It is hard to know where to start.

Probably one major update has to do with the building work in our house which is finally over. Well sort of as there is still little bits and pieces to complete but we are nearly there. We now have an extension which has my office in it (been dreaming of you baby) and the new bedroom is also done which means both boys have their own room. That makes a huge difference in terms of space and I am enjoying this.

I am also enjoying not seeing our builder so much anymore. It’s been nearly six months this project started and so many factors have delayed the completion that I started feeling like we had a lodger or something similar. I saw him more lately than my own husband and I was tired of making teas all bloody day!

Now that chaos is settling, I am finding my way back into my passion and I have a whole new environment to allow me to be productive. I love that.

My boys have been a true delight lately. Is is because I spend less time with them so every minute spent together is a precious opportunity? Is it because they have grown a bit more mature and share bloody good stories? Is it a combination of both? I am not sure, but my favourite time of the day is when I pick them up and have the rest of the afternoon just for them.

Victor has taken Reception like a fish to water. Every day is an opportunity for me to see that what he loves most is performing, reading, learning and singing. He breaks into a song at every moment of the day. So much so we actually have to tell him to stop.

Sports is not his thing right now. We took him out of martial arts since after 6 months he was still disturbing the lessons and spending more time looking at his own reflection in the hall’s mirror, doing the Rolly Polly, running in the opposite direction while he should have been listening to his instructors.
We also put him in swimming lessons and he loves everything but doing what the instructors says there too. History is repeating itself…
We are going to try Tennis in January as per his request. Wish us luck.
My feeling right now though is that a drama school might be just what be needs!

Elliott is nearly 6 going on 36. He is a real bossy boots! I so many times have to remind him who are the parents in this house and that we are in charge of telling his brother what is acceptable and what’s not, not him.
This aside like Victor he is an absolute joy. He is so eager to please and be successful that sometime I worry he is putting too much pressure on himself.
Unlike his brother in any sport he does what he wants is to be first. He is constantly aiming to the top. When I watch him at swimming or martial arts I see how ready he is all the time. He listens eagerly, in the starting blocks. Once the instructions are given is off to deliver!

I am very proud of both of them and of where we all are as a family.
Having a big break made me more relaxed and consequently able to appreciate how truly lucky we are and I am loving that!