Breaking News!

You only have 5 days left to shop for Christmas!!

Do you feel agitated?

Fear not! You can still shop RIGHT NOW and count on Parcelforce to have your presents delivered right on time.

As for me, well I am feeling very smug, on the brink of arrogance really: the house is looking pretty with suddenly a lot of red, gold and green in every corner…

My shopping is done! Like ALL my shopping is done! The meat, the cheeses, the chutneys, the smoked salmon, the chocolates and mince pies, even the Brussels sprouts… All ready to be chopped, seasoned, mixed, cooked, eaten and ending in a tummy, hips, bottom expansion… Of course that is if nothing has suffered a midnight feast in between.

The presents are bought too of course and that thanks to the wonderful land of internet shopping. By the 1st of December it was mainly done AND a lot of Ebay feedback had been added.

I am ready for the FIRST time ever! Never in history by now you would have found me relaxed and chilled, ready to scoff the mince pies and drink the Baileys, so allow me to be smug. It might never happen again…