Just Reminiscing…

It was just one of those of those evenings when tv wasn’t not gripping enough and I started dipping into photos from the past.

There’s that photo that held my attention a little bit longer. That photo taken at one of those moments when life changes and you feel on top of the world.

When Victor was born, Elliott was just 16 months old and we had no clue how a big change in the shape of a new baby brother was going to affect him.

Victor’s birth was quick and straight forward and we were back home in a shot.
I remember getting home early afternoon while Elliott was still having his nap. I remember feeling anxious at how my first born and love of my life would react to this arrival in our home and into our well established family unit.

Elliott woke up and I went to get him myself. I whisked him into my arms, hugged him tighter telling him how much I love him. I also told him he had a new baby brother waiting for him downstairs and he was going to meet him now.

We got downstairs, C was holding Victor. Elliott walked towards them with a smile on his face. He sat next to them and started touching Victor very gently still smiling…

That day we sealed that bond that makes the 4 of us a team and a special one. It is also a day full of the memory of how happy and proud I was to have been partly responsible for making two very special people… my special people…