Month by month – December 2012

Christmas is in 4 sleeps! There is excitement all over.The boys can hardly contain theirs. For the last few days they have been tired, grumpy and constantly at each other’s throat. They have melt downs every time something is not going their way.

On the other hand this year Christmas is rather special. They have both been learning and singing Christmas songs as they come on the radio. Pretty much every day we have been “rocking around the Christmas tree”. I have watched them acting all grown up writing and distributing their Christmas cards. I have enjoyed reading Christmas stories and answering questions about Santa or Jesus.

They broke from school yesterday and with that starts a lot more fun in preparation to the big day.

They visited Santa this morning who reminded V that he should be going to bed without “Monkey Business”. Wow he’s good! He definitely hears and sees everything…


We have so much planned for the coming two weeks, between baking, playing, friends and family gathering, going to the Pantomime and obviously Christmas and New Year we are nicely busy, let’s just hope we manage a bit of resting to sort out these foul moods in this house!

Aside of that is it possible for a child to grow 3 or 4 cm in a month?! Both boys have grown this much in the last month. As a result V is wearing E’s clothes and E has nothing to wear…
Nature should get a little more organised because that’s bloody annoying.
Well at least the sales are starting so I suppose the timing is not bad.

In a few days we will be in 2013, full of new plans and hopes.
My hopes for this new year is simply for my family and friends to remain healthy and happy. 2012 has too often showed us how life can suddenly end or be turned upside down when tragedy strikes.
My wish is to see much less of that for all of us.

So on this note I am off to spend time with my delicious boys and making the most of our first day of holiday.