Back in the land of the living

Those last 5 weeks have been a pain! We have all been ill and not with a 24hr or 48hr bug but with a virus that lingers for at least 10 to 15 days. So we are slowly getting back to normal. All of us extremely tired but finally able to articulate sentences and able to eat properly again.

I was going to vlog this one but I am not in any fit state and sincerely you don’t want to see my face right now. I barely show it at the school gate so to the rest of the world on the Internet?! Well i don’t think so!

So let’s move on shall we? I have been thinking long and hard about this blog and with it being January and all I thought it would be good for me to make resolutions about it.

Actually this holiday has been a catalyst.

I realised I don’t like the name anymore because it limits who I am and what I do. I suppose having been Perfectly Happy Mum for more than 4 years doesn’t make the decision to break away from it an easy one. I also don’t want to totally move away from it but the difference between where I was when I started the blog and where I am now is huge!  I will always be a mum and that will always be one of my most precious and important role in life but I am more than that, as all mums are.

I have interests and passions outside of my children. Actually now that they are older, with opinions they like to share and a sense of humour that grows daily I feel less and less the need to over share. The older they get the more I want the precious experiences we share as a family to stay within it family. Like precious secret just between us. When they were tiny, sharing our details of our life was therapeutic. Now I realise that I self censure big time and I am embarrassed to explain to the boys that there is a great deal of their personal life exposed online.

This has never been an issue until now and I suppose things have to change. Will I never talk about them ever again? I don’t think so, I am their mum and I still have a duty to embarrass them given the opportunity, I might do it considerably less that’s all.

In my great introspection time (that lasted the whole of last year, let’s say it) I have decided that there is an incredible amount of other things I want to talk about or show on this blog.

To begin with, there are some changes to the design to make as it simply isn’t right. It’s not me and that reinforces my disconnection with it.
So I will be taking time and work on a new design that make me fall in love with this blog all over again.

I might also change the name to Perfectly Happy taking out the Mum in the name.

In terms of content I want to try and post more around my love for illustrations, art and craft whether mine or others.

I have decided to share the tastes of my childhood by sharing with you French recipes of meals and cakes I grew up with, mainly inspired by my Mum and both my Grandmothers.

I will explore my photography skills and venture out of auto mode…

And finally starting tomorrow a friend of mine and Personal Stylist has accepted to share tips on a monthly basis to help us make the most of our wardrobe key pieces! Tomorrow you will see how you can dress up or down a simple white shirt…

So see you here tomorrow folks!