Could this be my perfect workspace?

Apologies if you have seen this post or received it in your inbox more than you would have liked, let just say that the WP phone app can sometime be totally rubbish!

If there is one thing I have discovered or rather, confirmed lately is that to function with clarity and focus my brain needs white space, lots of it.

This is rather odd as I am far from being a minimalist. I try. I declutter regularly, rage at the amount of rubbish I surround myself with, I feel satisfied and then I do it all over again…

I mentioned before that our extension was finally finished (I’ll ignore all the bitty things still waiting to be done) and a couple of months ago I was finally able to arrange my office in it, which was a big change from “the corner in the kitchen”.

But it wasn’t until two weeks ago that I have finally achieved what I have always wanted. Here it is, a clear desk and space to put away my various notebooks and stationery at the end of the day.


I have only left on my desk a couple of things that inspire me and have sentimental value like a picture of my grandmother, sister and I circa 1982/83. It reminds me of beautiful warm summer holidays in the family home. I also have a fabulous quote found in C’s late uncle’s chest of drawers (you can only see the edge) saying “Silence! Genius at work”, obviously.


And an Easter bunny and Bell that my mum gave me a couple of years ago


As you can see, white space there is and I have all intentions for it to remain as it is.