I need a shopping trolley!

I have to admit that the idea of ever owning a shopping trolley was totally out of my mind a few years ago.

Moi, pulling a granny trolley with the most horrid colours? Never! NEVER! I would have rather dropped an arm carrying heavy bags than pulling something that looked too much like a zimmer frame.

Then we had children. Two, 16 months apart from each other and with that occurrence came the buggies with shopping baskets. Not necessarily big ones but good enough to bring home any type of shopping on our 15 min walk home from town.

We owned the buggy for more than 3 years which was long enough to create habits. So much so that it had been a good year since we last used it and I still forget that my arms have to carry the shopping home. In more than one occasion they nearly dropped and I arrived home sweaty, grumpy and in pain. That’s why I am admitting defeat and accept that a trolley is not such a bad idea after all…

I am now looking for the perfect trolley which has to be, in this order:

  1. Pleasant to look at (no tartan, NO tartan!)
  2. Sturdy and not one that breaks if I have gone mad with fruit and vegetables at the market.
  3. Big enough to carry more than a load of bread and bananas.
  4. Reasonably priced.

So who do you ask for inspiration if not Pinterest?

And I found…

Shopping trolly1


Rustic:  Andersen Wicker Shopping Trolley; from Manufactum (€178.00)
Funky: Typhoon Shopping Trolly; Very.co.uk (£52)
Stripy: Rolser; from Shopping Trolley Direct (£50)

There is a natural selection due to the price which I can’t justify, so the Rustic one will unfortunately remain an eye candy for me. But the remaining two contenders are quite nice too, what do you think?