Learning to cope with stress and your chance to win 2 nights at the Stobo Castle in Scotland

Hands up Parents who never suffer from stress. Daily life can be challenging enough by itself, but throw in the stress of caring and looking after the apple of your eye and you can be in for a tough ride. Stress is affecting us all in one way or another, but also at different levels and it is one thing to deal with a peak of stress due to particular events taking place but that’s another to feel it daily and constantly. Long term stress can be responsible for poor health.

Like many parents I find it tough to manage through daily life at times. Juggling between work, kids, house maintenance and the amount of guilt that you experience when you neglect one of these things. It is tough.

My way of coping is to meditate. I would love to say I meditate daily but unfortunately I don’t so I try to do it at least twice a week at the moment. I love this pure moment of switching off technology, emptying my head of anything that is bothering me and simply getting entirely connected with what is the only thing that matters: the love I feel for the people who are the closest to me and being grateful for what we have. I know that it sounds away with the fairy for some but all I would reply is try and I bet you will love it.

This month AXA PPP healthcare has been focussing on reducing every day and work related stress. A recent survey found that one in every four adults experience stress on a daily basis. It’s important to look out for the early symptoms of stress as leaving it unmanaged can negatively affect your long term health.

In order to help tackling this problem  AXA PPP healthcare is offering one lucky winner a luxurious stay for two for 2 nights at the five-star Stobo Castle in Scotland – organised by Visit Scotland.

Not only will the winner and their guest receive a complimentary back massage, but they will also have unlimited use of the spa facilities, access to guided country walks, evening activities and optional fitness classes. Meals will be provided from dinner on the day of arrival to lunch before departure and £200 spending money, as well as £200 towards the cost of travel, is also part of the prize.

To enter go to AXA PPP Healthcare Facebook Page and for more tips on managing your stress visit their Stress Centre.

Good luck and really enjoy if you are the winner!

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