Madagascar Live at the Wembley Arena

We were very lucky yesterday to attend Madagascar Live at the Wembley Arena. The boys were beyond themselves and had been counting sleeps ever since they heard we were invited to the show.

After a *surprisingly* uneventful trip to London and then all the way to Wembley we arrived at the Arena to pick up our tickets and ordered a hotdog. Admitidly the food is not gourmet gastronomy and slightly overpriced but you never expect the opposite in such places.

One thing I noticed (and really enjoyed) is how spacious and well organised it is. Not once I felt crowded or lost in a sea of people (and there was lots of them). Even the Ladies had no queues! Now that doesn’t happen often in places like this.

Now the show…

It is a great family show: entertaining, lively, fast paced and with very good songs, sung by amazing singers.

The adult humour is somehow retained however it is mainly aimed at entertaining children. What I mean by that is that everything is designed for and around kids. The starting time (6.30pm), the length of the show, the simplicity of the plot.

There is no doubt our kids loved it and it is ideal if you want to take your children to see a show that means a great deal to them (they have all watched Madagascar and love it, right?).