Parenting boys…

I am the proud mum of two boys. They are gorgeous, very clever and totally opposite personalities. They challenge me in many ways and I am being tested to my limits constantly. Parenting boys is a challenge in itself at times.

Today for example, I am tired, emotional, over worked and over stretched. The last thing I need is to be told twice in a week that my son’s behaviour at school is quite unacceptable.

Being told what it is, I agree it is unacceptable.

But I am helpless, I don’t know who to turn to, where to get support and advice. The teachers tell you what’s wrong but they don’t give you an answer. They don’t tell you how to deal with it. They empty their story on your laps and leave you with it to carry home, process it, clean it up. It sounds so familiar, like it was at pre-school a year ago and that’s scary.

You come home cross again. You wan’t to make sure the message is getting through, but you doubt that’s the case. Afterall  you are not the only one tired here, it is Friday and the school week is also taking its toll.

There’s a crisis and consequences you warned would be in place if the behaviour wasn’t better today. You have to follow them through and it is tough. He cries, you hide in the kitchen to cry too. You wonder where you have gone wrong. How can you fix the situation. How can you fix him.

But there is nothing to be fixed. He is gorgeous, and perfect. He is clever and adorable. He is your flesh and blood. You want others to see it. You don’t want others to judge him too harshly. You have to remember that it is not that bad and you love him. Sometimes that’s the hardest thing to remember especially when you are so so very cross…

It is not that bad, you just need a break and a glass of wine. Tomorrow is another day…

V Jan 13