Living with Jasper

There is one thing that I am totally obsessed with at the moment. It is furry, barks and can reduce me to tears then bring a tender smile to my face in an instant. That’s Jasper, our new puppy.

Not that you don’t already know we have a puppy because it’s pretty much the only thing I speak about on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, wherever you find me really.

The boys must be relieved that I have finally found someone else to point my camera lens at.

Jasper 10

He is pretty cute but can also be pretty evil (in a nice way).

He is soft and fluffy, as is coat is thickening it is suddenly hitting home that I will spend my life hoovering mounts of dog hair. I might recycle them into jumpers who knows. I am sure some people already do that.

He is obsessed with water. He scratches the bottom of his water bowl after admiring his reflection at the bottom. Then he walks leaving paw prints all over my floor… All I can say is thank god for spray mops and laminate flooring.

Jasper 9

He learns very quickly and I am very proud to say that not only I have been shortlisted for a national award this month (totally irrelevant I know) but I have also been told by the vet I have a polite dog. Not good or well behaved, but polite dog. I am walking with my head very up high at the moment. Me and my polite dog are very proud indeed.

We are finally on a count down to our first adventure past the back garden. The last jab was injected and I am sitting tapping fingers watching the days go by, because quite frankly there has been days when we have all hit such a high cabin fever syndrome that I am surprised that we are all fairly sane and alive still.

This all waiting game really sucks as there is nothing we all want more but to run freely along the hills, going home all happy and refreshed and I watch them all crash in front of the TV and leaving me in peace. I am dying for a slice of that at the moment because having a brand new puppy at home is like having a new baby and I am not over exaggerating this.

Jasper 8

On a very positive note as long as your hand is full of treats, he will learn and do anything. He is only 12 weeks and he has learnt: sit, down, stay, wait, off, drop, hurry up (meaning “go pee!”) and settle. This is obviously the sign that this dog aside of being very polite is also highly intelligent.

Having a dog again is a delight and I am everyday happier that we have made the decision to have him. We missed having a dog as a family and this one was definitely meant to be our new friend.

Jasper 7