See you at Cybher

I woke up this morning realising that Cybher is just round the corner. In three days I will have the pleasure to see my favourite bloggers in real life again.

In August this year I will celebrate my fifth blogging anniversary and to be totally honest with you I cannot believe it!

Five years ago, when you attended blogging events, you used to pretty much know every blogger in the room. It changed. A lot. Now there are thousands of amazing and successful bloggers around and I love how eclectic this world is.

I love watching, being inspired and learning from all bloggers. I love discovering their world, how they see and represent it.

I love that blogging made me embrace my creative side. That I am drawing and painting again. That I enjoy experimenting with photography.

I love that I have learnt technical skills I never would have considered learning before and I am now teaching others to do it too.

All of this brings me so much enjoyment and I consider myself so lucky to be able to do this everyday.

Conferences like Cybher bring all together. Spending time focussed on my blog and on what I want from it or how I can improve it is always rewarding. A couple of years I attended our yearly conferences feeling discouraged or wondering why I was still blogging and everytime I left feeling inspired and ready to give it another go.

This blog is growing in confidence every year and so am I.

So all I can say is bring on Cybher 13, I am ready to be blown away!

If you want to come and say hello this is me, just slightly blonder because my sister insisted on colouring my hair at her last visit… I am not sure I have forgiven her just yet.
Last year I messed up my fringe in the run up to the conference and this year it’s the colour… God knows what it may be next year…

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