See you at Britmums

Britmums is today!
Liz was asking me on Twitter how many Britmums/Cybermummy conferences we have attended so far and although I am pretty sure it is 4, the safe bet is to say ALL of them!

I feel like this year has a big blogging revolution in store for me. Since Cybher I have had to do a lot of rethink and I am almost where I want to be now. But more on that another time.

As I sat at the hairdresser yesterday I started thinking about the whole blogging thing and then I realised that it is almost 5 years that one day I received an email from Susanna asking me if I wanted to join a brand new blogging community called British Mummy Bloggers. I joined not knowing what to expect and boy I was in for a big surprise. Five years down the line and this community is now counting thousands of bloggers and I feel very lucky to have been on this journey from the beginning.

Blogging has enhanced my life, and has opened opportunities for my family and me in ways I would have never dreamt of.

I will be part of a panel at Britmums, with the very talented Robin Houghton and Emily Quinton talking about making your blog look amazing. This is what blogging and joining a blogging community has done for me. I now work with small business owners designing their sites and teaching them how to. I give social media talks and trainings and I am loving every single minute of it.

When this started I simply needed a personal outlet. Somewhere I felt I connected to like minded parents, especially the ones who had made the decision, by choice or not, to take a career break to look after their children. I wasn’t sure where I was heading professionally and I attempted many things but all ended up leading me to sharing what I had learnt in social media and blog, web and graphic design.

I tip toed around it not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with it until now.

Five years ago, I was a mummy bloggers by chance, living my life according to two little human beings, and nurturing a blog that became like a limb to me. Today I have grown into a confident blog designer and social media coach and that’s thanks to Blogging.

Please make sure you come to our session if you want to take home lots of tips on how to make your blog look amazing!

Session held between 17.50 and 18.30, Friday 21 June 13