Our thoughts on the Dormeo Octaspring Pillow

We have been sent a Dormeo Octaspring pillow to review a while ago and as the selfless and considerate wife that I am I gave it to C to review and here is what he thought of it:


I have a history of fighting pillows, they end up scrunched up behind my head, on the floor, or on top my face.So when P asked me if I wanted to test this Dormeo Octaspring memory foam pillow I jumped at the chance.

I must admit the pillow was nice and firm and I quickly got used to it and low and behold I definitely had less battles with this one. I have been using it for a couple of month now and have definitely had far less stiff/locked necks from sleeping at a funny angle.

However when it came to write this review I was struggling to write more than it’s a nice firm pillow that supports my head.  It’s amazing how quickly you adjust and get used to things. So in the interest of fair play and an accurate review I swapped back to the old pillow for a week for a little comparison test.

This experiment really showed you how good this pillow is as I had forgotten the battles with my old pillow and the stiffness in the neck that I sometimes woke up with.  All of which came back in the week were I went cold turkey a returned to the old pillow. In fact I wonder if I can squeeze this in my hand luggage for summer holiday…

Disclaimer: We were sent a pillow Dormeo Octaspring for the purpose of this review 

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