How to customise a TV corner for under £50

We were given £50 by MoneySupermarket to revamp a selected area of our home and after deliberating we decided to tackle a corner that has been my bug bear ever since we moved in our house: the TV corner.

Our lounge is rather compact, even though I prefer saying it is cosy. The issue has always been that TV cabinets are either too bulky or too wide to fit nicely in the alcove between the fireplace and the wall. I refuse to place the TV on the chimney breast because I am too precious and proud of the fireplace I found after years of keeping an eye on eBay and I don’t want anything to steal the limelight from it.

So being given this opportunity to think about it, we came to the conclusion that the only way to do it was to customise it *duh*

Doing it this way made us gain a considerable amount of space in the room too which looks a lot more spacious as a result.


TV corner

For the revamp we purchased:

A TV wall mount bracket on Amazon for £19.95
Two Ikea flying shelves at £10 each (we already had a spare one and C had to cut them to size)
Cable tidy for £3