Micro Scooter, our thoughts…

The boys both received their first scooter at the grand old age of 3. Actually I remember vividly giving E his first mini micro scooter in his third birthday.
From the moment we decided to get him a scooter we knew that we wanted a Micro Scooter and we didn’t regret it. They are stable sturdy and of great quality.

So when we were contacted to ask us if we wanted to review their range of scooters and because the boys were really due an upgrade we snapped up the opportunity.

After much discussion over which one to choose, V opted for the Maxi Micro Scooter with joystick and E for the Rocket. The scooters were with us within a couple of days and I made two boys very happy when I turned up to picked them up at school with them!

My initial concerns with E was that he really wanted to go on a two wheels scooter (much cooler!) and I was worried he would struggle finding his balance… He didn’t! The minute he stood on it he was whizzing down the lanes. The big wheels are probably helping a lot in terms of stability and having tried it myself, I can say that it is rather cool!


V didn’t feel much difference from the mini scooter except that it is much stronger and obviously better fitted to his size. He also think that the joystick is the coolest thing ever been invented…


What we love about Micro scooters? They are sturdy, of great quality and they come with very snazzy and colourful accessories.

What we don’t like? The instructions! They are very basic, tiny images in black and white, contrasting greatly with the quality of the product.
When it comes to the Maxi Micro Scooter it is very straight forward and you almost don’t need instructions. However the Rocket is a bit trickier and I had to explore YouTube to find a video showing how you were supposed to unfold the scooter. Could do better at this.

Overall the boys LOVE them and we are happy because we feel they are safe when riding them! What more can you ask for?

On another note Micro Scooter has launched a scheme called Scooter Aid aiming to donate scooters that you no longer want or need to children in need in the UK and Africa. Please visit this page to find out more about it as it is a great cause that you can help support.

For the purpose of this review we were sent two scooters free of charge.