School’s out!

We have finally reached the end of the term and we all needed it badly. The tantrums, tears caused by the most armless of events and not being able to contain any ounce of energy was a good indicator.

That V has already gone through a whole year in Reception and E is already moving into year 2 is scaring me. This year went way too fast. It was a great one though. I have seen my two boys blossom in many new ways and become even more amazing people.

We are now looking forward to a great Summer break full of fun, picnics, lazy mornings, France with family and friends, flip flops wearing, walks in the woods, jumps in the pool…

So today gifts were distributed



School shoes were taken off for the last time


And if we judge from the look a this shirt…



This was an epic school year… So Summer we are ready for you!