Boules de Choco / Cocoa Balls

There is something happening in our house most Saturdays. Since having kids our crazy Saturday nights out have changed into quiet nights in over night. To add a bit of a fun element to it, and no not that kind, we try and experience new dishes and cakes or whatever takes our fancy. It is a bit of a Saturday night cooking workshop type of day.

A lot of my experiences recently have been around recreating tastes of my childhood and some work while some fail epically, but on some of them I will not give up. I am determined that one day I will bake the perfect Madeleines or chocolate eclairs. I am working on this.

Recently I started craving one of these fancy treats that I would pickup from a patisserie on my way back home from school. Their original name has thankfully been changed (simply not politically correct at all). Nowadays they are called Boules de choco or Cocoa Balls.

It is basically two meringues attached to each other by a fairly thick chocolate ganache and covered by a thinner layer of the same ganache. It is delicious! The marriage meringue/ganache is divine.


The challenge for me was to make meringues as I have never made any. But then while shopping for my ingredients a box of little meringues caught my eyes and there you go, they hoped in the shopping trolley!

Obviously using ready made meringues you risk to have a dry cake but as it happens the heart of the meringue softened while resting in the fridge.

If you want to try them yourself here is how.


You will need a box of mini meringues if like me you are hesitant to make them.

For the ganache you need:
200g of chocolate. I use plain because I like dark chocolate but you can choose milk if you prefer.
200 ml of double cream

Bring the double cream to a boil and remove from the heat to pour over the chocolate broken into pieces. Keep stirring until the chocolate is fully melted.

Leave to cool down then refrigerate for at least 30min or enough so the ganache is compact enough.

To assemble put a thick layer of ganache on the flat of a meringue and stick another meringue against it. Assemble all the meringues like this, then warm up the ganache again to make it more liquid.

Cover the two meringues stuck together in chocolate then refrigerate again.

Once they are all set, just eat them all! The kids love them to, I had to fight with V for the last one. He won.