The BIG Family School Year Diary

I am an organised person *cough*
I try my hardest though, I certainly do.

It doesn’t prevent me from forgetting some details along the way, generally involving my children and their school’s requirement BUT I try.

When I was asked if I wanted to try The BIG Family School Year Diary from Mum’s office, I couldn’t not say yes, simply because I love a new diary and if it promises to keep me on track then I have to at least give it chance.

So I did give it a good one.

My first impression when I received it was WOW that’s errmm big. Like proper big, the size of an ipad which to me is big for a diary. I felt a bit like a Prime Minister when I started entering all of our life details in it.

When I say details, to give it its fair due, you can enter EVERYTHING in it.
From your kids shoe size, their blood group, the name and number of their best friends, enough lines for when they change best friends, to where you are planning to travel in the near future, your mobile numbers in case you lose your mobile (which came in very handy when my mobile suffered an injury over the Summer), the number of any service you may need to be in touch with at some point (you know, gardener, plumber, pizza delivery…) and more, a lot more.

It is good.

Is it for me? I am not sure. Yes you do have a column for each member of the family (unless your family count more than 5 people in it). Or if like us you stop at 4 (for now maybe!) then they suggest that you can use the fifth column for meal planning. That’s a very good idea indeed.

The biggest downsize as far as I am concerned is that I like my diary to be portable. Yet I still love nothing more than write new entries and I do love pen and paper, but this diary although you can’t fault it on the fact that it is very comprehensive, it is too big to be carried around.

I realised that I stopped using it after a little while simply because of that. However I am aware that this is to do with my lifestyle.

It is the perfect fit however, for any mum who want to be able to centralise everything related to a busy lifestyle without having to carry it around too much.

For the purpose of this review we were sent a free diary.