The day I went for a TV presenter job interview…

You know how life sometimes throws these things at you and you have no idea why? Well I am here sitting in a coffee shop waiting to have an interview to present a new TV program for a cable channel.

They are looking for a French mum and contacted me… ME! I mean it has never been written on my life plan that I should ever present a TV program. Of course, I am NOT yet presenting anything. I obviously have competition and maybe even from others who have that in their life plan.

The thing is, that just being given the opportunity to do this, just this, is awesome. One of those things I will one day be able to tell my grand children. The day I went to a casting for a TV presenter job and because I was asked to come. Not even because I applied.

I am not yet dreaming of having a personal chauffeur, a hairdresser and an agent (although I should make sure it is in the contract naturally, oh and a cook, a nanny and fitness instructor also).

So mum just so that you are relieved. No I haven’t bought a special bra for today sorry, BUT I have blow dried my hair like you said…

Which me luck!