The drawing gene

E draws all the time at the moment. He freezes a picture on TV and draws it. He goes through google images and spend hours drawing one after another.

He reminds me of me at the same age. Drawing was my thing and I could spend a whole day doing just this.

For as long as I remember I have seen my dad drawing, painting, scribbling, doodling, sculpting… He is able to paint the smallest of details in a picture.

For a while my dad went through a phase of painting ships and generally in stormy seas like the one E is trying to reproduce in this picture. He picked it from the mantlepiece by himself and decided that, today, this was going to be his masterpiece.

E and V met their grandad for the very first time this Summer. They don’t know him, yet E is already developing a skill and passion of my dad’s and I can’t help wondering if this is something that has been passed on silently from one generation to another…