When I grow up…

This is a simple yet lovely idea inspired by a French blog that I have been reading for a little while called Un Blog, Une Maman.

The idea is to simply record what your children dream of becoming as they grow up and the years go by.

So here goes, E wants to become a Shop Owner or as he says a Shopper Homer and he will live on top of his shop with all of us, including our current neighbours and his girlfriend that he will never marry… We may be quite busy because we will sell everything in the world!


V will also be a shop owner but only because his brother bossed him into thinking this (which may be the reason for the face). Alternatively and when he is fed up of being bossed around by his brother he will be a Farmer. When asked why he just said because.
One thing he forgot to mention though is that he also also wants to be a Pirate Musketeer judging by what he is constantly impersonating.


See you next year for more When I grow up