It’s time to choose your Winter coat with Susannah of SHM Personal Styling!

So almost overnight summer has come to a screeching halt and autumn has burst in through the front door without even knocking.  And with it comes a distinct chill in the air. We may remonstrate against this for a while but eventually that big thick winter coat you shoved at the back of the cupboard last year will have to be resurrected. Shoulders will be dusted down, pockets will be emptied of tissues, sweets and other detritus left over from last year in readiness for this year’s fresh batch.

However, if like me you are thinking of updating your winter coat this year it’s worth giving your would be purchase a little thought before you hit the shops. Inevitably there are many shapes, styles and fabrics out there trying to tempt you in to parting from your hard earned cash. This winter anything from fur to cocoon (THE shape of the season dar-link) to sleeveless to checks are all vying for your attention on the shop rails, with dusky pinks being the ‘on trend’ hue to be seen in.

coats col 4

So if you want a coat that’s ‘hot’ even though the weather now sadly is not, take a moment whilst supping your hot chocolate to consider the following points:

  • What is your budget? A coat can make serious style impact so it’s worth spending as much as you can to get the best quality you can afford. Think of it as an investment piece that if chosen wisely should last you several years.

  • What are you going to be wearing it over? Bulky jumpers? A suit? Allow for these layers in the fit of the coat when trying it on.

  • No one style of coat can cover all your winter wardrobe needs so be clear in your mind what function you want yours to fulfil. Is it something casual for the weekend? Is it something suitable for the work place or is it for going out and special occasion wear? Then make sure you pick the style of coat appropriately.

  • If you are looking for longevity from your purchase stick with classic shapes in neutral colours. These never go out of fashion and will always look stylish.

  • Think ‘proportion’ when trying on your coat. Is the fabric too bulky for your frame? Is the length of it right for your height? Does the style flatter your body shape? Stand well back from the mirror so you get a full length view of it and always be as objective as you can!

Have fun out there ladies!

Brought to you by Susannah Hebden Moore of SHM Personal Styling