Help me create the best DIY Blog Design course ever and enter for your chance to win the full course!

headerturquoiseThis is a little bit of a different blog post.

As you may already know I have been working at creating a DIY Blog Design Course and we are now on the final straight line.

It will be yours to take very soon and as I am working on the final technical details I thought that I would ask for your help to make sure that the course covers what you need to know.

This is a course designed especially for creative bloggers so whether you excel at Parenting, Lifestyle, Food blogging, Craft or Photography (anything creative) and as long as you have in common the aim to have a blog that looks beautiful, uniquely branded and stylish and you are keen to learn how to make it happen, then you are in the right place.

What I aim to teach you is how to get all this, step by step, learning how to use tools that are not going to cost you an arm, not even a finger. My guarantee, if you follow this completely, is that in the space of a couple of weeks you will have a beautiful blog, and you will be able to do it again!

This blog is designed for Worpdress users and if you are not already using Worpdress you will have to be willing to move to it to get the full benefits from this course.

However the biggest part of the course is about creating your visual identity and branding your blog. This is something that all bloggers, unrelated to which platform they are using, can benefit from.

I will be opening registration at the end of the month with only 8 spaces available at a discounted price. This group will have to commit to giving me all the feedback I will need to improve this course. Call it the BETA version, it sounds quite cool.

I wanted to offer the chance to one of you to win a space on this course as a thank you for taking part in a little survey. It won’t take you too long to answer but it will help me make sure the course is answering your questions and solving your challenges.

To access the survey please click on the image below

survey link

Thank you very much peeps!




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