Counting Chicken…


V is in year 1 and every evening, well mostly, when he doesn’t forget to change it, he brings back a new book to read.

I have to be honest, having two to listen to every night, I very often sit next to them,  paying real attention when a word is being stumbled on. Unless a book really catches my attention, like this one…

Counting Chickens.

The books starts with “Meg was poor…”

The word poor catches my attention, mainly because I am not sure V actually knows the meaning of it. So I ask him what he thinks poor means and as I guessed he gives me a definition a bit far from what it actually means. So we clear this and move on.

Meg was lucky to meet a man along the way who is kind enough to give her an egg and she starts dreaming of all the things that could happen now that she has an egg. You know have more chickens, sell their eggs to buy a cow, then sell the cow’s milk to buy a sheep, sell the sheep’s wool to buys clothes… but!

She trips over some wood on the floor.

Drop the egg.

The egg smashes.

Her dreams are shattered.

The book says “Meg is still poor”.

The end.

The end? THE END?

How about “If Meg hadn’t been so quick to think about all the things she could achieve with it but instead focused on bringing the egg safe home this wouldn’t have happened. That’s a lesson that Meg will surely remember!“. Ok you need to fit this in words and sentences a 5 year old could read. But still…

Anything has to be better than Meg is still poor… without moral to the story…

Is it just me?