Their last day of school…

Today is the boys last day of school before the Summer and probably, if everything goes according to plan, their last day at this school.

Today is a difficult day.

I am trying to hold on to the idea that good things are coming. All the opportunities that the boys will have in Chicago, the sports they will have access to and just the lifestyle in general, but today my heart is heavy.

I am looking at who and what we are leaving behind, at the lovely school that the boys adore, the friendships that have evolved and grown tighter since Reception…

Today all I am seeing is this chapter closing.

The home, our home, where I have had my babies with the floors that have seen their first steps, this home is in the process of being purchased by another family. I am selling what we can’t take with us and handing over our belongings to someone else is truly painful. All this bits and pieces have a piece of our family history, like the lamp I purchased for E’s nursery even before he was born…

So I know this is the beginning of something good and exciting but today I am only seeing the end of something that has been amazing and life defining.


The boys at the end of Yr1 and Yr2