Hi! My name is Peggy and I have been a blogger since 2008.

This blog went live just one week after giving birth to my second son when my first was only 16 month. Totally crazy hey? I know and I used to update it everyday! EVERYDAY!

This blog used to be a Mummy Blog and it probably still is a bit I suppose, except that my boys have grown up so much since I started, that I unfortunately don’t have anymore embarrassing stories about poop and being sleep deprived to share. Yes guys, that’s something to look forward to if you still have a child toddler or under, they do sleep through eventually. They might wriggle their way into your bed in the middle of the night but you can threaten them to withdraw a treat that goes with all sorts of reward system if they don’t go back. That works, they go back to their bed!

Other stuff comes with them being older and being at school all day. You suddenly can be yourself again! You can totally indulge in being a person that likes other things in life aside of your kids, because you have the time and the head space available. You might have to deal with WAY more stuff in the laundry basket but you have the time to do other things too. It is all very exciting but sometimes scary too.

This blog has been dragging its feet for a little while until I decided to give it a make over and a slap.

What you can expect to find is recipes of my childhood in France (did I tell you I am French?), photography (mainly of my two favourite models E and V), illustrations, drawing and paintings (some I am the author of, some I love so much I have to share), some experiments on colour palettes and of course stuff about life in general.

I also write another blog called the EasyTechClub which is a little more about techy stuff and help to use online tools. Good if you are trying to improve your techy skills to work on your blog or website but also if you are running an online business.

And the rest of the time? Well I run my business and help business owners set themselves online to sell information products. I design WordPress blogs and websites, I teach how to use, WordPress, Aweber and Social Media.

If you want to know more please get in touch at peggy@perfectlyhappy.co.uk

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and don’t forget to subscribe! I’ll love you forever…